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Rewardle helps you connect with customers by combining membership, points, rewards, mobile ordering, payments and social media integration into a single cloud based platform powered by Big Data analysis.

Membership, points and rewards

Increase customer retention.

Pre-payment and gift cards

Enjoy forward cash flow.

Online & mobile ordering

Increase capacity & turnover.

Rewardle makes digital customer engagement easy

Use email, social, mobile & analytics to grow your business

Access digital marketing tools used by the big guys

Powerful tools made easy for the little guys.


Our membership platform allows you to connect with your customers and acknowledge their patronage.


Create a variety of rewards and give your customers a choice over what they work towards redeeming.


Our loyalty module allows you to track and reward customers for loyal patronage.


We support a variety of offer types to support your business objectives. You're only limited by your imagination.


We help you open and maintain an electronic dialogue with customers. Resolve issues and amplify positive experiences.

One card or app, many merchants, loads of members

Join over 5,400 local businesses who are using Rewardle to connect with over 2 million members.




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  • A dedicated Merchant Consultant who is commited to helping you get the most out of Rewardle.

  • A membership, points & rewards program crafted to fit your business.

  • In-store promotional support to help you engage your customers.

  • Education & support to help you use Rewardle insights to grow your business.

  • Email, social media & mobile marketing tools.

  • Participation in Australia's most innovative & fastest growing network.

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